Patient stories

The child is hyperactive, tend to have bad temper and stubborn. He likes to go barefooted even in winter. He is afraid of the dark. At nights he does not sleep well (suffers from insomnia) and he snores because of his enlarged tonsils that almost touch each other. He wakes due to nightmares. He perspires a lot, especially in his head.
After taking the homeopathic remedy his tonsils got small enough for the doctors to decide to cancel off his planned operation. His breathing and sleep got back to normal and he became calm again. His unusual perspiration got also normal. All in all the child’s behavior got much better.
The remedy taken: Calcarea Carbonica
Here is the description to patient’s illness according to his own words: “I always suffer from inflammations in my ears and throat. I am treated with antibiotics several times a year. My ears produce wax all year long. My colds always appear with pain in the throat, sensation of pressure in the sinuses and tears in my eyes”.
After receiving the correct homeopathic remedy, an aggravation of the symptoms was observed, as is expected in these type of cases. After a short period of time every symptom improved; inflammations of the sinuses were less intense and less frequent as well as the pain in the throat. All symptoms disappeared within three month time. Even the less harsh symptoms like eruptions on the tongue, polyps in the nose and enlarged ganglions in the neck, disappeared.
The remedy taken: Kali-iodatum
This is how the patient described her symptoms: “I suffer from very strong headaches almost every day. They start on one shoulder; they rise through the neck and concentrate in the head under one eye. I also suffer from clinching teeth, especially during night and this is the cause for my pains and contractions in the maxillary bones. I also have problems with my menses and with my digestive system which tends to constipate”.
After taking the correct homeopathic remedy which covered most of the relevant symptoms; all of them started to vanish until they finally disappeared after two month.
The remedy taken: Cyclamen
A healthy woman who is extremely social and normally tends to be vital and optimistic. She started suffering from an extreme decrease in vitality and sever exhaustion. She got to the point she was not able to move by herself nor get out of bed. She suffered from cold especially in her legs. She also suffered from muscular cramps which prevented her from sleeping. The remedy acted very quickly and gave her back her strength and her normal vitality.
The remedy taken: Carb-v
The woman described the following symptoms: Panic attacks: “fear that rises from within”, very afraid of the pain that will be caused during birth. “Whenever I eat something I cannot take it out from the body any more”…” it feels like claustrophobia of the body”. “I feel attacks of an electric like current and heat that runs through my body towards the brain, rapid pulse and itching all over the body, this is a sensation of impotence. I cannot stand the lack of self control”.
After taking the correct homeopathic remedy her attitude became more positive. The woman no longer thinks about abortion. She can now stand eating and hanging out in closed places. During the following months the dose of the remedy was increased and a constant improvement has been observed. Lately she gave birth to a healthy and happy child and she general feels much better and relieved.
The remedy taken: Aconite
The following symptoms were described by her mother: “She cannot sit in a chair without constantly moving. She is always restless. There are episodes of involuntary bed wetting and tics in the eyes. In general, order and cleanness are very important. She is easily offended and tends to get attached to cats. She is an extremely responsible girl and very sensitive to injustice.”
After taken the homeopathic remedy the physical symptoms seemed not being affected. However the child seemed to be unlikely happy and full of positive attitude (which is not common). A complete turnover came about in two month as she became calm and was able to concentrate better in her studies. She loves doing her homework and loves reading books in her free time. She is now one of the best students in her class.
The remedy taken: Carc