About Homeopathy

The human body is in constant and daily balancing process with the outside world. This balancing process is expressed through symptoms we feel at the physical, emotional and mental level. Throughout our life we struggle to maintain this balance. These symptoms can occur by changes in temperature, invasion of a bacterium or virus, strong emotions, a traumatic incident, anger, etc.
Most of the time these symptoms are subclinical thus we tend not to feel anything except for tiredness; weakness or crankiness from time to time. Symptoms such as cold, headache, a sore throat, allergy; etc. can be cured “by themselves” because the body has an immune system that is defending us.
Our immune system is weakened because of our genetic predisposition (hereditary) and our day to day life: The chemical remedy can make the symptom disappear but it weakens the immune system more and more to the point it eventually the symptom becomes chronic.
The homeopathic remedy however preserves the immune system from going down this road and supports the body to find a new and better balance. When treated homeopathically the body can recover and gain the lost health.